Delight Papers Ltd offers sustainable, innovative and value- added solutions for hygiene in toilet papers, kitchen towels, serviettes, medical hygiene rolls, multi-purpose wipes, parent jumbo reels and packaging needs of poultry farmers in paper egg trays/boxes

We specialize in different kinds of tissue papers, and in doing from small size to very big size (high quantities) for your store. You can view consistent fibers in our tissue paper while holding up the tissue paper.



At Delight Papers, we contract manufacture for entrepreneurs, independent marketers/distributors who are interested in selling and distributing tissue products but have no facility of their own. As well as making our own brands, we undertake the production and distribution of Private Label products, enabling partners such as supermarkets, wholesalers, quick service restaurants (eateries) to sell and use them under their own brand. We are here to make your brand a delight.

Whatever the size of your project, we will take it on. Our facility is built to adapt to your needs efficiently and on-demand. Our vertically integrated operation means we can step in at any stage of the process or we can start with you from start to finish. We can take back your tissue wastes and provide you with jumbo parent reels, or with a finished product.


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