Parent Jumbo Reel

It comes in different product categories for onward conversion into Bathroom tissue, Napkin tissue, Kitchen towel and Industrial wipes. Shape

Delight Mega

For fans of bulky and big tissue, Mega Delight is their apt choice. It is extra soft as the name implies, gentle on skin and cleans well. It has a wider surface area than the regular toilet tissue. Shape

Korage-Economy Size

The duo are our flagship products spanning 35 years. They are eco-friendly as they are paper wrapped, cost friendly and value for money. They are mainly produced for the hotels, guest houses and motels. They come in 2ply, Soft and 48 rolls per bundle. Shape

Hello Softie

The Hello Softie brand is a super soft range of 2ply toilet tissue that delivers excellent performance. Hello Softie products are perforated and micro-embossed. Shape

Korage Delight

Our Korage Delight Super soft 2 ply tissue is a perfect blend of softness, absorbency and strength with premium quality for use at home, top hotels and in workplace washrooms. Shape

Kitchen Towel

It cleans thoroughly due to its high absorbency and its thickness ensures that it can be used a little longer than others. Tissues made from 100 percent natural virgin paper 2 ply tissues with 60 sheets per roll. Shape


It comes in a standard napkin size 33cm x 33cm. It is highly absorbent and spongy. So perfect for use at events, restaurants, hotel chains and any other social gatherings. Packed 36 packets per bundle. Shape

Industrial Wipes

We provide a great selection of ply (up to 3 ply), widths (up to 370mm) and lengths ranging from 300m, 350m, and 400m. ideal for wiping, drying and spills – Easy to tear – Absorbent and Strong – Shrink-wrapped to ensure rolls are protected. Shape

Medical Couch Rolls

Delight products come in standard 40cm to 50cm width and are available as 40m, 50m and 60m rolls. Each roll is tightly wrapped for increased hygiene – Easy tear perforations on each roll. Shape

Hand Towels

Delight Hand Towels are simple but effective when it comes to drying hands and other cleaning tasks away from home. Comes in 1 ply, white and other color measuring 33cm x 26cm. Shape

Klever Family Pack

It is our attempt to redefine the market tissue in Nigeria by creating awareness among our consumers of the need to save our planet from further degradation. Klever comes in 6 or 12 naked rolls per pack. Shape

Delight Egg Crates

Paper crates is yet another durable medium of storing and displaying eggs , it is made from an eco-friendly and biodegradable material and offers protection during transportation. Shape
Shape Shape



It comes in different product categories for onward conversion into Bathroom tissue, Napkin tissue, Kitchen towel, and Industrial wipes. And each product comes in diverse varieties ranging from economy, special to premium in accordance to our teeming customers’ requirements